Media planning, buying and presentation

Our proficient and experienced staffs assist businesses in letting them 'talk' to their audiences across platforms. It is done through our media planning and buying services that we offer to our clients and include live events, marketing methods, webinars, mobile, broadcast and email.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the basis of our media and publishing campaigns. Our media planning and buying personnel work with media owners to provide the right marketing solution to clients through targeted email marketing.

Lead Generation

Our marketing experts provide lead generation to clients so that they are visible. Different technologies, strategies and techniques are used for ensuring that the client is seen on various media.

Brand reputation and communication channels

Our communication agency coordinates and collaborates with brands to make sure that right message is conveyed to right audience at right time and in right way. Brand reputation and brand management is done using the Web and offline media such as PRs.

Direct mail

We provide all direct mail assistance to clients. We print, mail and distribute various material using latest technologies.

Social media and influencer marketing

With the growth of social media, we have harnessed skills of influencer marketing for connecting brands and influencers. What makes our campaigns all the more powerful is our continuous tracking of brand effectiveness to retarget their social influence strategies.

Customized Publishing

We use variety of publishing services such as roundtable events, video, inspirational magazines, yearbooks, directories, content, websites, and apps to businesses for catering to their specific requirements.

Native advertising

We use online platforms for advertising across industry and run native advertisement campaigns.